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NetX 9.1.0

November 13, 2019

What's new

  • We’ve dramatically improved video preview quality, including optional deinterlacing support. After upgrading to this release, existing videos can be resynced to generate the new preview. 
    • SaaS customers: generating improved previews for existing videos may increase site storage and could impact your subscription billing. Contact your account manager for more information.
    • On-premise customers: this requires a new version of FFmpeg/FFprobe. See Supported Transcoding Engines for more details.
  • Want to save a search that returns zero results? Now you can! Useful for checking new uploads or verifying attribute values. Bonus points: Set up a notification and receive email when your search finds a match.
  • Through batch ID allocation, we've reduced the number of database queries required to insert a new row. This should help eliminate pesky deadlocks and improve overall application performance.


  • Implemented stack trace logging in classes called from NetX I/O; now our bug detectives can quickly figure out whodunit.

NetX 9.0.8

November 7, 2019

What's new

  • Added pagination in AdBuilder template list.
  • Added pagination in reviews list.
  • Updated included Onboarding.pdf to newest version.


  • Apostrophes in tag values no longer create duplicate records when updating via CSV.
  • Table column resizing CSS rule no longer breaks table scrolling.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when navigating between categories in quick succession.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing share link creation for folders.
  • Fixed video clip editor issue that was causing values to disappear on save.
  • Portal is now correctly parsing tag  values containing apostrophes.
  • Portal no longer showing "view asset" button on CMS asset blocks when the user does not have permission to see the asset.

NetX 9.0.7

October 22, 2019


  • Grid editor no longer throws "setAssetAttributes" error when editing a faceted attribute.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the gallery thumbnail size slider from being displayed in Firefox.

NetX 9.0.6

October 17, 2019

Whats new

  • Datasets tool now respects the dataManager.minUserLevel property.
  • Updated various translations.


  • Fixed support for UNC paths in storage location definitions.
  • Fixed an issue where metadata exports containing folder path were intermittently incomplete.
  • Replaced broken logo URL in public link email.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the description attribute to appear twice in attribute pulldown menus in the gallery.
  • Fixed issue that would sometimes prevent the folder pane from opening for certain users.
  • Datasets tool now respects the dataManager.minUserLevel property.

NetX 9.0.5

October 4, 2019


  • When using the "Share with Team" feature on a NetX portal, links in the resulting emails now launch the portal (as long as the sender/sharer logged in via the portal, not the app).
  • Fixed an issue where updating other asset properties would remove an asset's expiration date.
  • When resyncing an asset (or otherwise replacing an asset view with a new file), the view's creation date will now update properly.
  • Updated the getExogenPropertyDetails API method to provide more detailed version information from the new properties artifact, compatible with the new build system.
  • Apostrophes in collection titles are now properly unescaped in email subjects.
  • Asset detail embedded metadata tables now scroll instead of overlapping.
  • Fixed a CSS bug for specific versions of Chrome that caused the first row of results to display under the facets and header controls. 
  • Fixed issue that caused errors if any item with a checkbox was disabled.

NetX 9.0.4

September 27, 2019

What's new

  • To facilitate cleanup when using MediaRich zoom support, cached assets are now stored in a "netx" subfolder of Equilibrium's "MediaCache" folder.

NetX 9.0.3


  • Fixed issue that would cause an error and prevent shared links from being returned when a cart reference was missing.

NetX 9.0.2

What's new

  • Updated application logic to delete tmp files left behind by docx, pptx, and xlsx file analysis.

NetX 9.0.1


  • InDesign documents/layouts will now be imported faster, with more consistent preview quality.

NetX 9.0.0

September 10, 2019


NetX 9.0.0 delivers better accessibility, branding, performance and stability to your sites. Here are a few highlights:

  • UI redesign: We’ve adopted Google’s Material Design system in the NetX interface, which allows us to provide an accessible, customizable, and consistent user experience throughout the application. By implementing an established standard, we can spend less time on minor design decisions and more time improving application functionality.
  • Interface customization: In addition to custom logos, we now support custom color schemes and login screen backgrounds in the NetX interface. Custom logos are now supported in emails as well.
  • Dark theme: Users can now enable a dark UI color theme to reduce eye strain.
  • Visual search*: Users can now search for assets by dominant color -- by selecting Color as the basic search type -- or by visual similarity -- by selecting the Find assets like this action on an image asset. *This is an add-on module, please contact your account manager for purchase inquiries.
  • Attribute profiles: An attribute profile is a set of attribute value updates. If you link an attribute profile to a folder (from the Edit folder action on a folder), that set of attribute value updates will be applied whenever an asset is imported, moved, or added to the folder.
  • Storage system redesign: We no longer move an asset’s file on the file system to reflect changes to the asset’s folder membership in NetX. This improves the performance and reliability of workflows that depend on Move reorganize actions.

  • Prioritized indexing queue: Updates to search index data are now processed in priority order, with higher priority given to actions that are critical to application functionality (e.g., new imports or changes to folder membership).

Enhancement requests

You spoke up, we listened! We've shipped these ideas in NetX 9:

  • "0 assets" message is no longer displayed when performing a search.
  • Folder size calculation is back!
  • Users are now properly redirected to asset URLs after logging in.
  • Ordering buttons are more consistent throughout the UI.
  • The gallery actions menu icon has been changed to a button that's much easier to see.
  • Attribute profiles have replaced the functionality of the legacy Category Metadata feature, and the profiles can be configured in HTML5.
  • Asset ID searches can now be performed in the basic search bar. This is controlled via the image.simpleAssetIdSearchEnabled property.
  • The login screen has been redesigned so that users can easily differentiate between local NetX account login and SSO login.
  • In asset detail view, file info has been merged into the Overview tab.
  • The pdf.launchStandard property is now supported in HTML5.
  • Dataset management has been improved; users can no longer delete datasets that are referenced in an asset's attribute values. A tag value can only be updated through the dataset management UI. If the value is changed and re-uploaded as part of a Replace dataset action, NetX will interpret it as a request to Delete the old value and Add the new value.

Additional improvements and bugfixes

  • The Solr search engine has been upgraded to version 7, bringing improved performance and reliability to our search platform.
  • Statistics and Notifications have been moved into the Tools menu, now located on the left-side navigation bar and main menu.
  • Only administrators can lock/unlock assets.
  • Added support for LibreOffice/OpenOffice document (ODT) and spreadsheet (ODS) formats.
  • review.approval.requireAll now defaults to false.

  • Portals now only have one color.
  • When creating a PDF, there are no default attributes chosen for you.
  • The UI now gives feedback when uploads are attempted with illegal characters. A link to documentation has been added.
  • Video preview on asset now detail fixed height to help preview fill the container.
  • System views derived from an asset original (previewXMP, previewPDF, etc) are now deleted if the asset is reimported.
  • An asset's constituents are now deleted if the asset is reimported.
  • An asset's file-specific data is now reset if the asset is reimported.
  • Upon upgrade to 9, a netx_file record is created for every non-placeholder image in the database.
  • dedup.log (from LinkDuplicatesJob), if it exists, will now be included when downloading system logs.
  • Fixed a regression in 8.12 which prevented some embedded metadata from being read on import.
  • For (non-AutoTask) repurpose jobs, we now always ensure that any "rotate" operation occurs first, followed by "crop", and then any other requested operations.
  • Fixed intermittent failure to generate MD5 checksums for some imported assets.
  • The GhostScript plugin now respects the "crop box" when extracting pages from PDFs.
  • Updated to Adobe XMPCore Toolkit v.5.1.3.
  • Some improvements have been made to the OpenOffice/LibreOffice plugin.
  • Repurpose presets are now stored in simple XML (preset_process table).
  • If is set to a valid email address, the "From" header for all emails sent by the NetX server will be set to this value.
  • Report problems to UI when a selection of assets is resynced, and any of the assets were checked-out, archived (on Glacier), or being imported/separately resynced.
  • Improved the performance of the page count calculation when indexing an asset with many pages.
  • Some issues were resolved related to importing TIFF images with transparent/alpha layers; Imports of large TIFFs should complete more quickly (if using ImageMagick from 2013 or newer).
  • user.directory_auto_create_groups now defaults to false if not set.
  • Adjusted the calculation of Image#status to more accurately represent the current state of assets stored externally.
  • Improved logging throughout the YouTube integration.
  • Minor SAML logging improvement; eliminated sso.log (all SAML logging was going to exogen.log anyway).
  • When a video clip is edited, the keyframe will only be regenerated if the time range has been changed.
  • Non-zero exit codes from ExifTool processes won't be considered failures; success will be judged on whether the desired output was produced. This will improve XMP extraction support for some files.
  • Support for removing "bad" XMP tags, as found in the "photoshop:DocumentAncestors" tag-bloat phenomenon, was fixed.
  • FFmpeg processes will no longer be terminated a fixed time (default 1hr) after starting; ongoing processes will now be allowed to continue so long as the process doesn't stall. This fixes issues importing very large videos.
  • When using the FFmpeg engine to generate H.264 derivatives from a source which uses YUV422 chroma sub-sampling, we will always re-encode to YUV420, since most end-user video players can't play YUV422 content.
  • Problems with destructive video watermarking (via AutoTask) using FFmpeg have been fixed.
  • Keyframes from imported videos are now resized using ImageMagick (when available), resulting in higher image quality.
  • Update asset preview dimensions (width, height) when choosing an alternate page as the preview for an INDD or other paged asset. Previously this was only done for PDFs.
  • During asset import, attribute values are now applied in the following order:
    1. Default values on attribute templates
    2. Values entered by importing user
    3. Destination folder's attribute profile
    4. Fields mapped via metadata sync
    5. Attribute updates as part of AutoTasks fired on import.
  • Updated Drew Noakes' metadata-extractor to 2.11.0.
  • Since we now require ImageMagick 6.9.9+, code that relied on old, slow features of ImageMagick Identify have been replaced with more modern, streamlined logic. Image imports should be faster for some customers.
  • Improved messaging for failed asset checkin requests.
  • NetX I/O will no longer retry failed importAsset() requests.
  • An asset's Relationships tab may display 0 results, depending on the current user's level of access to the linked assets.
  • The performance of txt file content indexing has been improved.
  • Allow Directors to change the branding colors and the login screen background image.
  • Change column header of User CSV import/export from Fax to Cellphone for the cell phone field.
  • The Contact form in NetX is no longer visible if email.mailto.rcpt_to is not configured.

Deprecated as of NetX 9.0.0

The following features are deprecated as of this release:

  • Roundtrip/export metadata sync has been removed. The system will drop the export portion of any pre-existing roundtrip mappings configured on upgrade. Export-only mappings will be deleted.
  • The Configurator has been removed. Customers will need to follow manual instructions to configure NetX during new installs.
  • The Remember me checkbox has been removed from the login screen.
  • The legacy Box integration is incompatible with this release.
  • category.metadataEnabled is no longer supported, this functionality has been replaced by Attribute Profiles
  • The legacy Location Sync implementation has been removed as it is incompatible with the refactored storage module.
  • Custom Solr synonyms.txt files will have to be manually backed up and restored during each upgrade. Synonyms-custom.txt is no longer a supported filename.
  • The replication feature has been deprecated.
  • The log.log_notify property has been deprecated; use log.notify_level instead.
  • Datasets no longer display XML Feed column.
  • The following location types are no longer supported:
    • CD
    • Database
    • DVD
    • HTTP URL
    • Jazz
    • Microsoft Azure Blob
    • Offline
    • Zip
  • image.delete_lost_assets is no longer a supported property.
  • Import-from-email functionality has been removed. The following properties are no longer supported:
    • image.popImportHost
    • image.popImportUser
    • image.popImportPassword
    • image.popImportPort
    • image.popImportMetadataField
    • image.popImportOffline
  • Imports using reserved asset IDs are no longer supported. The following related RPC methods have been removed:
    • doesMultiAssetCheckinFileExists
    • multiAssetCheckin
    • reserveAssetIds
  • The engine.processFailRetryCount property is no longer supported. If it is set to a non-zero value, a warning will be logged.
  • Data Source Sync no longer updates category metadata, since that system has been removed.
  • Removed old developer javadocs.
  • Removed unused indexingQueue.log.


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